Monday, September 26, 2011

Poem Composed in Flight

It is worth the journey to say
I was there;
To stand on ground untrod by my ancestors.

It is worth the journey to hang
in the air above the desert
and watch it rain.

It is worth the journey to speak
to a stranger;
to hear their story in their native tongue.

It is worth the journey to know
that in English gardens blackbirds really do sing
in the dead of night.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

nanananananananananananana....BEACH MAN!

Well it's Labor Day folks. You know what that means. One last chance to sunburn the crap out of yourself before the onset of autumn. I thought I'd share a sight that I experienced at the beach last weekend.
My two lovely lissome sisters and I were at the beach lounging about, like ya do, when I noticed out of the very corner of my eye a man at the edge the surf. Normally I tend to block out the existence of tourists. They are a necessary evil and are to be tolerated at best, in the way you would a benign cyst, but this guy caught my attention because he was standing in what can only be called "The Super Man Pose". Hands on hips, looking slightly to the left of the horizon and legs spread just enough so that the line of his posture always drew your eye to, yep, you guessed it, his bulging speedo. He just stood there, for too long to be idly enjoying the scenery. Perhaps he  was indeed trying to catch the eye of the bikini-clad ladies just up the beach. From the angle he stood against the sun, he appeared thusly:

Now, I just sort of rolled my eyes behind my sunglasses. To men of this ilk I say, good for you for clearly working out. It's good for men of your age to stay fit and enjoy fresh air, but men of that particular age also should know better than to wear a speedo, regardless of the condition of his man thighs. Then for reasons best know to him, he decided we would better appreciate the gun show if he turned sideways.

Yup. Sorry. Thanks for playing, Dude.